Why They Choose Arealink

At Arealink, we mainly operate asset the management businesses using unoccupied real estate. At the core is the storage business, in which we hold the top position in Japan in terms of market share. Thanks to the synergy of this and other businesses, including the rental office business, real estate holding business, and the business of reselling profitable real estate, we have achieved stable growth and a high rate of profit per employee.

Storage Business

Collaboration between our trunk rooms and Hello Kitty

Trunk rooms are rental warehouses for customers who have a lot of personal goods that are only used during a particular season or they are hesitant to dispose of. We allow those customers to store such goods in trunk rooms, which are conveniently located near their office or home. At Arealink, we operate indoor and outdoor trunk rooms all over Japan under the brand name Hello Storage, in collaboration with Hello Kitty, a character that is beloved by people of all ages. With this business, we aim to be an entity that mediates between communities while providing moving experiences and excitement.

Offering trunk rooms to a wider range of people

At Arealink, we wish to be more familiar to households and companies. We will make this wish into a reality with Hello Storage. We will provide people in various regions with the convenience of trunk rooms, delivering fun and excitement. When you see a trunk room with the Hello Kitty mark near your home or office, please remember that the symbol of the hand that provides moving experiences represents our wish.

Real Estate Sales Business

Adding value to office buildings and apartment buildings
Office buildings and apartment buildings that are conveniently located in front of a station in the city center or in a commercial area, for example, are called profitable real estate. At Arealink, we purchase these highly profitable properties, renovate them appropriately based on their track record, thereby adding the highest possible value to them. We therefore improve their profitability and asset value before reselling them to investors by the floor or section.
Satisfy both leasers and users of land
The majority of relationships between landowners and leaseholders involve complicated issues related to land rights. In Arealink’s leased land business, we reuse lands by clearly solving complicated rights-related issues as a coordinator, taking advantage of our cultivated expertise. We look for a solution that satisfies both leasers and users of land by giving them a sense of security and feeling of trust as a listed company.

We all have 24 hours each day. At Arealink, we believe that the quality of one’s life changes greatly depending on how a person manages their time spent working in the office and elsewhere. Our employees think independently, create their own jobs, and work with a feeling of excitement. We have established a system that allows them to work in such a way and demonstrate their capabilities.

Ideal, Future-Oriented Company

  • 1. A company that makes its employees and their families happy

    It is a company that makes its employees and their families happy and satisfies its customers. This is what we believe at Arealink. We take a variety of initiatives that motivate our employees to work hard and make their families want to support the company.

  • 2. A company that its employees, their families, customers, and all related people (owners, business partners, and shareholders) support as its fans

    We constantly ask ourselves, “Are we needed in society?” We will create better products and services that greatly satisfy everyone, thereby increasing Arealink fans.

  • 3. A company that provides moving experiences

    Each of our employees provides services with a desire to be truly useful for customers and help them in one way or another. This offers moving experiences to customers and makes them think “Fantastic!” and “Great!”

  • 4. A company that evaluates its employees regardless of their age, gender or nationality

    Our employees who have achieved superior performance are fairly evaluated from every possible angle. We have introduced a variety of programs that increase the motivation of each employee. Therefore, we have created opportunities to commend them. It is a merit-based system for a new era.

  • 5. A company that will continue to grow over the next 100 years

    At Arealink, our mission is to continue steady growth over the next 100 years to make our employees and their families happy and to keep satisfying customers and related people, so that they will continue to be our fans. We will survive through rapid changes in the real estate industry with creative measures and ideas.

Human Resource Development

Arealink Master Program

A self-management program

Arealink Master is a system that enables the dramatic improvement of work efficiency. It consists of systematized work skills (front-loaded schedule management) as practiced by Naomichi Hayashi, President & CEO of Arealink. Arealink Master is the most basic skill for taking shortcuts at work. Some mid-career employees said with regret, “I wish I had known these skills in my last job. I would have been promoted to a higher position!” By applying Arealink Master, anyone can acquire an advantageous way of thinking. It is an internal qualification that all employees are required to obtain.

Internal Systems

Chip System

A suggestion system with a cash reward aimed at improving the company

This system covers all improvements, regardless of whether they are major or minor. Employees suggest original improvement ideas. Effects of the improvements are evaluated by Directors, who grant Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Mini chips. The tips may be converted into a cash reward. This incentive leads employees to acquire the habit of looking for problems daily. This awareness reform is the actual purpose of the system.


All employees share the vision and boost morale

This is a major event in which all employees confirm and share the direction of the company. Individuals and teams who made great efforts are granted awards in this event. In this annual event, CEO and Directors carefully announce and explain the management policy. It also includes a commendation ceremony, in which those who performed well in the previous year receive awards. They include the President Award, Sales Award, Customer Award, whose winner is selected based on customers’ comments, and Employee Award, whose winner is selected by employees. Seeing their co-workers admired on stage, employees are motivated to work hard to be the next winner. The event thus increases the motivation of each employee.

Personnel evaluation system

Ensuring a clear-cut evaluation based on the merit-based system

We conduct personnel evaluations twice a year using a target management and evaluation sheet named CAST. Each employee describes their career goals, capability development plan, targets for the half year, and other matters. At the end of each half year, they write a review of the period and give a presentation on their self-evaluation to their superior. Based on this, the superior gives a presentation on the evaluation of each employee to the management team. Later, the management team holds a session to evaluate each employee and determines the final result of the evaluation. Under this motivating system, we carry out clear-cut personnel evaluations.

Training Camps

Clarifying roles by being united with coworkers

This two-day training is special for Arealink. Participants share any issues and problems of individuals and teams, hold thorough discussions, and find specific solutions. This process creates a sense of unity. The training is provided at a resort in Atami or Karuizawa, where participants lodge together and hold lively discussions.

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