Corporate Philosophy

Perceiving changes in society to identify new opportunities,
and then, aiming to achieve a market share of 50% in the storage space market

Over the more than 40 years I have spent in the real estate industry and since the founding of the company, I have been constantly thinking about ways to provide our customers, employees and their families with great satisfaction.
We are striving to develop the company by engaging mainly in the stock-type storage business and in the leased land business, targeting the revitalization of land. These businesses are considered resistant to economic downturns.
While studying society and other companies in order to introduce their best practices, we seek a company structure that produces the maximum results with the minimum workforce. At the moment, we seek to achieve ordinary income of 10 billion yen with 100 regular employees by 2025.
In our core storage business, we will positively launch a new type of storage unit with land in addition to storage units based on the conventional business model. With respect to operations, we will accumulate expertise in marketing in the United States to differentiate ourselves from our competition and to enlarge our stock-type business.

We carry out staff education with a focus on excitement. We are striving to realize a work style in which our staff always think and work while positively enjoying their lives. In other words, we are seeking to become a company that requires limited overtime, offers plenty of holidays and pays generously. In fact, we have launched many different programs and systems in the past few years, aimed at the growth of our staff and their productivity enhancement.
For the purpose of introducing the programs and systems we have created to other companies for mutual growth, we embarked on a consulting business under the brand of Miraigata Riso Kigyo Juku (Workshop towards Futuristic Ideal Companies). We aspire to contribute to building a fulfilling society by presenting and disseminating new work styles to society.
We will continue to pursue new initiatives without being swayed by the framework of the industry, in an untiring effort to develop into an unprecedented company.

Providing convenience, fun, and moving experiences to the world

Slogan Exciting CompanyInspiration and Excitement
Our Missions
Creating new business models that open up a bright future for the real estate industry, by delivering products and services that help people to enjoy convenient and enjoyable lifestyles with effective use of spaces
Making concerted efforts to build an exciting company that gives moving experiences to people and allow them to develop a sense of satisfaction and expectation, while continuing to grow toward the future

Our Thoughts Put into the Corporate Logo Our corporate logo depicts a hand that provides convenience, fun, and moving experiences to the world, reflecting the thoughts of Arealink. The palm is a tool that is used by close companions for high-fives and by fans for striking a pose to cheer on their favorite team. The logo also expresses the sense of trust that is created through a firm handshake. As one of our corporate colors, orange symbolizes fun, moving experiences, familiarity, and a sense of security, while blue symbolizes faithfulness and trust.
Company Name At Arealink, we have a strong desire to serve as a mediator that links between areas with moving experiences and excitement.
To be much closer to you, we are determined to move hand-in-hand with local areas and continue thriving with them, wishing for the happiness of our customers, employees, and their families.
Our company name symbolizes this determination.
Concept Our desire to link areas and become familiar to them is expressed with the orange band. The single unbroken band in orange, which extends endlessly, is a visual expression of the concept that Arealink and customers are integrated and keep expanding together.

At Arealink, we aim to achieve a share of 50% in the self-storage market of Japan. In 10 years, we endeavor to post ¥10 billion in ordinary income, with 200 employees, and achieve ¥50 million in ordinary income per employee, in 10 years.

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