Management Plan

We will achieve a 50% share in the self-storage market of Japan.

Establishing a corporate brand We will establish our corporate and visual identities and promote marketing and communication strategies for Arealink.
Data mining with POS We will consolidate the data accumulated through our business activities and make effective use of AI and big data to pursue measures for even quicker, more efficient business operation.
Establishing an absolutely advantageous position in the self-storage market The storage business, which is our core business, boasts an average annual growth rate of 19.2% for net sales. We will further increase our market share in this field to establish an absolutely advantageous position in the market.

To achieve growth, we at Arealink implement a plan with a focus on the following three key elements.

Business Model
We will strengthen our business in the self-storage market, which is expected to expand further, aiming to secure the largest market share.
Human Resources
We will focus our efforts on creative work as a group of selected professionals with imagination.
All of our departments are highly specialized in their respective fields, with each striving to be the best in Japan.

We endeavor to post \10 billion in ordinary income and have 100 employees by 2025. We also aim to achieve \100 million in ordinary income per employee. We will globally expand our businesses with a management style that combines the logic of Western countries with the care and meticulousness of Japan.

Projection of Net Sales and Operating Income from Storage Business