about Arealink

Message from the President

Creating a new business model for the real estate sector by providing “convenient and enjoyable lifestyles through the effective use of space” to generate excitement

During the more than 30 years that I have been involved in real estate, and the 18 years since I established Arealink, I have constantly asked myself how I can create an impression on customers, employees and their families. The impression I mean is generating excitement in myself, and filling others with that same sense of excitement and anticipation. This ultimately developed into the pursuit of business with the idea of establishing a corporate group that provides a wide range of services centered on this idea of building excitement.

Arealink generates excitement among its customers by analyzing customer needs, and developing products and services to meet them. To accomplish this we need the Arealink employees who provide the services to constantly put themselves in the position of customers and think about what it takes to generate excitement for them, as well as to work with excitement themselves. We are currently focusing on establishing internal systems and employee training programs to allow for consistent improvement.

In our mainstay storage business, considering the particularly urban nature of the living environment in Japan, we aim to provide as many customers as possible with “convenient and enjoyable lifestyles through the effective use of space.” Our aim is to provide clean, safe and convenient storage, and to be the industry leader in terms of both service and customer support. We seek to enhance the level of our services to the point where once customers use our facilities, they will find it impossible to go anywhere else.

The real estate business has an image of instability and abrupt change, but as in any industry, without the ability to realize sustainable growth it is impossible to build a company that satisfies and pleases its customers and business partners. As such, we approach our business by constantly asking ourselves what extra steps we can take, and what sort of value we can offer. The management policy we have established for the company is “Be a company of excited employees built on the principle of making an impression on people.” We strive day by day to create a company where all employees are able to realize this objective.

Our ambition to create an ideal model for the real estate business

Arealink currently operates in four business fields.

The first is a stock-type business centered on storage. We hold a leading position in this field in Japan, with many customers utilizing our services. However, there is still ample room for growth, and we have high expectations for this field going forward.

Our second business line recognizes the opportunities that exist amid the recent upswing in office space vacancy rates. Moving forward, we will accelerate the pace at which space is newly opened in the rental meeting room business as a part of efforts to firmly establish a complementary stock-type business that follows in the footsteps of our storage activities. By bolstering our stock-type business endeavors, we will strive to generate more stable cash flow.

The third business focuses on real estate holdings. The main point of difference with other companies is the rigorous standards we apply when selecting properties to hold. An example would be highly convenient properties that are no more than a three-minute walk to the nearest train station. We all call such high-quality real estate “income properties,” as they generate strong earnings.

The fourth business is the buying and selling of income properties. Arealink already has an established base of potential customers through its business network, and explores ways of selecting properties based on their needs.

We believe that the synergies created by these four core businesses will allow us to realize a stable and high-growth earnings foundation now and into the future. We are further refining our business model with the aim of achieving 100 billion yen in sales. Our goals are to establish a presence and business model that are considered ideal by the real estate industry as a whole.