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We hope to provide an enriching way of life to people in Japan
through our core self-storage trunk room business.

The predecessor of today's Arealink Co., Ltd., WELL’s Giken K.K., was established in 1995. At that time, I vowed to be number one in my chosen field of business, even if it were a niche sector. Underlying this were my concerns about the many undeveloped areas within the real estate industry. I was therefore enthusiastic about wanting to bring about a transformation. With this in mind, I launched a real estate company that focused on property leasing and parking businesses. However, the product I finally chose to realize my aim was self storage.

In the 25 years since our founding, we have grown into a leading company boasting more than 100,000 self-storage trunk rooms in total in 2020—the largest number in the industry. However, the spread of trunk rooms in Japan pales in comparison to major countries across the world.

Japan definitely does not have large living spaces, and Japanese people have always had a spirit and way of living that cherishes things. I believe that, depending on our approach and product planning, the business can grow even further.

We have grasped the potential needs of customers; from outdoor storage using containers to indoor storage using an entire building and dedicated motorbike storage. We also have experience in planning these and maintaining high usage rates, which we can leverage when planning new products. In the future, we hope to continue launching new services and standards that keep up with the changing times.

Moreover, in recent years, society has had an even greater need for a trustworthy company that can handle complicated land rights matters. Therefore, I would like to develop our Land Rights Consolidation Business (leased land) into a main pillar of the business that can contribute to Arealink's profitability.

Under our management philosophy of "providing convenience, joy, and excitement," and in line with our easy-to-understand and concrete principle of "solving the challenges faced by society," we will step up to the plate in overcoming difficulties and adversity . Our aim is to be a company that remains strong even in times of struggle so that we may continue to grow over the next few centuries. I remain deeply thankful for your ongoing support and cooperation.

代表取締役会長 林 尚道

The current environmental changes in the world are happening at an unprecedented pace, and in the ten years since I joined the company, the self storage industry has undergone significant transformation and development. In this situation, our company has been steadily expanding our business by utilizing IT and digital technologies, taking a leading role in data analysis, and developing new products and services.

However, there is still plenty of room for growth in Japan's self storage market compared to overseas. This means that self storage products have enormous potential.

We want to inherit our company's corporate culture, such as our emphasis on management with a small number of employees and employee education, and expand our business significantly, aiming to become an essential company that provides customers with convenience, fun, and excitement in accordance with our philosophy.

Just as I, who joined the company as a new graduate, became president at a young age, our company provides an environment where anyone with high aspirations, regardless of age or background, can equally have opportunities. We will continue to foster a challenging spirit and work together as one team to contribute to the development of the industry while enriching our customers' lives through self storage. Thank you for your continued support.

代表取締役社長 鈴木 貴佳