Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information
Arealink Co., Ltd.

Arealink Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) will follow this Privacy Policy and ensure the appropriate handling of the personal information of customers who have used the website of the Company, in its effort to protect the privacy of such customers.
Arealink Co., Ltd. (Date of establishment of the policy: March 20, 2005)

Collection of Personal Information

When the Company collects personal information, it shall clearly indicate the purposes of the collection and it shall not collect any personal information beyond the scope of those purposes. The Company will collect the personal information of customers as necessary, including their names, addresses, and e-mail addresses, when they use services provided at the Company’s website, including prize competitions, provision of samples, questionnaires, delivery of e-mails from the Company, and inquiries. The Company may request customers to provide more detailed personal information depending on the type of the service they use.

Use of Personal Information

The Company will use the personal information of customers only within the scope of the purposes described in advance.
After a customer has provided their private information to the Company’s website, the Company may provide the customer with information about its products and services via e-mails.
Where a customer does not desire delivery of such information, they may stop receiving the information by informing the Company to that effect.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company will not sell, rent, transfer, or disclose customers’ personal information to third parties without the customers’ consent; provided, however, that this does not apply in cases where the Company discloses such information to its outsourcing contractors to carry out work such as the aforementioned collection of information, shipment of prizes, and e-mail distribution.
The Company may also disclose or provide personal information where disclosure of such information has been made mandatory by a public institution in accordance with the law.

Management of Personal Information

The Company will treat customers’ personal information with extreme care and will take appropriate measures for managing such information.

The Company will also strive to avoid the risks of leakage, loss, and falsification of information as well as unauthorized access to it.

The Company will ensure that the aforementioned outsourcing contactors manage the information in the same way and will prohibit them from using it for purposes other than the original intent.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Company may revise all or part of this Privacy Policy without notice to improve its handling of personal information.

Important changes to the Privacy Policy will be announced on the Company’s website.


Please contact the following for inquiries about the handling of customers’ personal information.

Handling of Specific Personal Information

This basic policy has been established for the purpose of conducting organizational actions for ensuring the appropriate handling of specific personal information and individual numbers (hereinafter referred to as “specific personal information, etc.”) pursuant to the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures (Act No. 27 of 2013; hereinafter referred to as “the Individual Number Act”).

Basic Policy on Appropriate Handling of Specific Personal Information, etc.

1.Appropriate Handling of Specific Personal Information, etc.

  1. The Association will draw up regulations on the handling of specific personal information to appropriately handle specific personal information, etc.
  2. The Association will collect individual numbers by receiving notification from the individuals concerned or by referring to the Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems.
  3. The Association will take procedures for disclosure or correction of information upon request for reference and correction to specific personal information, etc. solely on the condition that the request is confirmed to have been submitted by the person concerned.
  4. The Association will not disclose or offer specific personal information, etc. to third parties unless otherwise stipulated by law, cabinet order or the equivalent.

2.Compliance with Relevant Laws, Ordinances, Guidelines and the Equivalent

Specific personal information, etc. will be appropriately handled in compliance with laws and ordinances regarding specific personal information, etc., guidelines prepared by the Personal Information Protection Commission and other rules.

3.Matters Concerning Security Management Measures

In connection with security management measures for specific personal information, etc., measures necessary to prevent any leakage, loss or damage of specific personal information, etc. and to appropriately manage such information will be implemented.