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Self-Storage Business

Self-storage refers to rental storage space set up in containers or buildings, which are also called “trunk rooms” in Japan. Arealink is expanding the Hello Storage brand throughout Japan. This product has been offered by Arealink since our founding, and it forms the core of our business. We offer the largest number of storage units in the industry, allowing us to position ourselves as a leading company in the storage industry.

Self-storage is gaining traction each year as a way of making use of unused land because there is a high possibility that even land not suitable for a parking lot or apartment management could be used for self-storage.

In recent years, a growing recognition of the availability of trunk rooms means that the industry is seeing the market trend toward growth. Self-storage is a growing business that is enjoying demand driven by changes in lifestyles, such as an increase in people working from home and longer periods staying at home due to the pandemic.

The Appeal of Self-Storage

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    Due to our position as having the most experience in the industry, we plan new locations and efficiently manage each location to ensure an increase in revenue.

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    We greatly differentiate our company from others by bringing out the potential to generate revenue, even from less desirable land that may be difficult to work with.

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    Arealink handles everything from project proposals and operation to management and consulting.

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    The Storage Business is a management foundation that generates a stable cash flow through a subscription-based business model.

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    User demand is also increasing due to changing work styles and other changes. The market is on track for continued growth in the future as well.

Hello Storage Product Lineup

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