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Medium-Term Management Plan 23-25

Management Targets

Millions of yen

2023 2024 2025
plan performance
Net sales 21,800 22,463 24,400 28,100
Operating income 4,050 4,155 4,650 5,500
Ordinary income 3,930 4,058 4,520 5,350


  • Completion of structural reform towards stock business, accelerating store openings to expand sales.
  • In 2024, plans for significant acceleration with over 10,000 new store openings, aiming to further accelerate store expansion in the future.
  • Alongside sales growth, steadily progressing towards improving profit margins, aiming to achieve a 20% operating profit margin at an early stage.


Self-Storage Business

Store Opening Strategy

  • Improved store accuracy through nationwide database construction for store openings.
  • Achieved early profitability and maintained high occupancy rates through downsizing properties and multi-store expansion.
  • Accelerating store openings, aiming to reach approximately 200,000 units by 2029, double the current number (+100,000 units from the current).
  • Advancing the strengthening of business operations in preparation for accelerating store openings.
  • Enhancing store offerings with emphasis on container storage, mini-storage, and urban building-integrated storage.

Medium-Term Management Plan: New Expansion Targets

2023 2024 2025
plan performance
Number of new locations※Excluding canceled contracts 4,700 5,800 10,400 14,000

Differentiation Strategy

  • Realizing new store openings with high precision based on extensive accumulated data and strategic product development capabilities.
  • Continuously pursuing customer convenience and developing detailed services.
  • Aiming to increase the industry's visibility through enhanced media exposure.

Land Rights Consolidation Business (Leased Land)

  • To shift the recurring revenue model the self storage business, the policy is to downsize operations.