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Medium-Term Management Plan 22-24

Management Targets

Millions of yen

2022 2023 2024
Net sales 20,600 22,800 24,000
Operating income 3,300 3,500 3,800
Ordinary income 3,200 3,400 3,700


  • -Structural reform – Advance shift to stock business and focus on earnings growth rather than growth in net sales.

Business Strategies

Self-Storage Business

Expansion Strategies

  • -We will open new locations throughout Japan to aim for a larger market share.
  • -We will reduce the number of storage room containers at each location and continue opening new locations, mainly focusing on suburban cities with a population of at least 100,000 people.
  • -For indoor storage facilities, we will open small wood-frame Self-Storage Mini locations as the optimal size of building-type storage based on analysis of past location launches.

Medium-Term Management Plan: New Expansion Targets

2022 2023 2024
Number of new locations※Excluding canceled contracts 2,300 3,000 3,900

Service Strategies

Arealink will develop services and products to improve customer satisfaction.

  • -We will offer Hello Home Delivery, a service that moves goods from homes to self-storage units to support the use of the self-storage service.
  • -We will install security systems that are compatible with IC transit cards at the entrances of indoor storage facilities.
  • -We will push sales and installation services of steel racks, which are convenient for self-storage.

Land Rights Consolidation Business (Leased Land)

  • -Transition to a low-risk, highly efficient business with minimal inventory.
  • -Develop a business with stable profits for which an assured level of profit is expected annually despite being operated as a pay-per-product business model.