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Office Business

The Office Business is a venture where we expect both the usage rate and level of interest to grow as modern work styles and lifestyles change.

We are expanding our rental offices under the Hello Office brand name to satisfy entrepreneurs' needs, such as locations close to train stations, private rooms, and the possibility of carrying out corporate registration.

Arealink also provides a service that operates rental offices through the conclusion of a sublease contract, which allows building owners to earn a stable income.

Benefits of the Office Business

  1. POINT1

    Working hard from the design stage to ensure a stable rental income

    We have designed a completely private office. The office is specialized in a way that addresses a strong-rooted demand from companies in industries that require a private space.

  2. POINT2

    Favorable sublease contracts through listed companies

    We offer a sublease contract service which allows property owners the peace of mind of earning a set income every month.

  3. POINT3

    Location strategies and keeping up with the needs of the times

    We have expanded in excellent locations that are within a five-minute walk from a train station, focusing on popular areas within the 23 wards of Tokyo. The more intangible aspects of the building are also suited to the times.

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