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IR Policy

Basic Disclosure Policy

Arealink Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Arealink" or "the Company") is committed to providing all relevant and important management, business, and financial information to all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, and analysts, in a timely, accurate, and fair manner. Accordingly, Arealink will promptly disclose, in an accurate and proactive manner, information prescribed under the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information, etc. by Issuer of Listed Stocks and other important information that is deemed useful in gaining a better understanding of the Company.
In addition, Arealink will proactively disclose other information not prescribed under the Timely Disclosure Rules that is deemed useful in gaining a better understanding of the Company.

Information Disclosure Methods

In accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules, Arealink shall promptly register all required information on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet)*. Further, Arealink shall also register other important information not covered under the Timely Disclosure Rules on the TDnet as and when needed. In each case, all relevant information shall be promptly posted on Arealink's website following registration on TDnet.
Depending on the circumstances, delays may occur in publishing information deemed as public information on Arealink's website.

*TDnet Online Registration System managed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Business Prospects and Forward-Looking Statements

In addition to performance estimates to be submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Arealink may also provide information relating to the Company’s current plan and future projections in company-issued documents and website to enable all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, and analysts, to prepare their own business forecasts for the Company.
In either case, the information and statements, which relate to future prospects and are not matters of historical fact (hereinafter referred to as Forward-Looking Statements) are based on certain assumptions and management's judgment drawn from currently available information.
Accordingly, when evaluating Arealink performance or value as a going concern, the Company cautions readers that actual performance may largely differ from Forward-Looking Statements due to a variety of factors, risks, and uncertainties.

Quiet Period

In order to ensure fairness and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of information, Arealink shall impose a quiet period of approximately four weeks prior to the earnings announcement. During this period, the Company will refrain from making comments on its account settlement or responding to related questions.
In the event, however, that important matters of fact pursuant to the Timely Disclosure Rules are revealed during the quiet period, Arealink will promptly disclose such information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.
Further, Arealink will respond to inquiries relating to matters already publicly disclosed, even during the quiet period.

Investor Relations Section of Company Website

To avoid the concentration of information flowing to any specific individual or institution, Arealink strives to ensure fair and timely information disclosure through the use of the Investor Relations section on the Company's website. The disclosure of information on the Investor Relations section of the Company's website may be delayed, however, due to systems issues and circumstances relating to the preparation of information.
The Investor Relations section of the Company's website is not provided as a means solely to direct information in one direction from Arealink. It is intended as an interactive communication space between the Company and its shareholders and investors. Arealink seeks the comments and opinions of all stakeholders to create a better Investor Relations section.