Our Businesses

Storage Management Business
We operate Hello Storage, a service offering rental storage spaces all over Japan. As the leading company in the storage industry, we plan and operate storage services that match the conditions at each site, providing customers with moving experiences and an enriched life.

Making effective use of properties as storage on behalf of investors and real estate owners

Storage Liquidation Business
To land owners wondering how to utilize their assets, we suggest two methods of profitable use. Owners can choose to build trunk rooms or just lease their land.

Resale Business
We purchase profitable real estate, such as office buildings and apartment buildings, and add value to them. We resell the properties to investors by the floor or section
Leased Land business
Arealink is a team of specialists who focus on the relationship between land owners and leaseholders and serves as a coordinator concerning their rights. Taking advantage of our cultivated expertise, we solve complicated rights-related issues as a coordinator and reuse land in ways that make owners and leaseholders happy.

Creation of value of office buildings and stores
We purchase office buildings and stores in excellent locations and own and manage them on a long-term basis. We add value to these properties by renovating their interiors and exteriors, for example, thereby improving their earning power and real-estate value.

Space Sharing Business
Arealink prepares rental meeting rooms of various sizes within a five-minute walk of major terminal stations in Tokyo as well as those in Kanagawa, Osaka, Nagoya and Chiba. Users can use the meeting and seminar facilities for free, as well as a catering service including boxed lunches.

Rental offices
We offer rental offices to entrepreneurs who intend to establish a company or start an independent business. The offices we offer are located near stations and are easily accessible. Bring your computer and you can start working immediately.