The following is a brief outline of the Company's mainstay businesses.

The Storage Business

Storage Management Business

Arealink offers “Hello Storage” rental storage space nationwide in Japan.

As a leading storage company, Arealink engages in planning and management based on an overarching vision that focuses on efforts that are designed to both satisfy and enrich the lives of customers.

Storage Liquidation Business

For business investors and owners of real estate, Arealink proposes Hello Storage as an effective method for investing their funds and making use of their assets.

Indoor Trunk Room Type

Provides indoor rental storage space that is available 24 hours a day, Arealink has approximately 16,500 units, situated mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Indoor Trunk Room Type

Indoor Trunk Room Type2

Outdoor Container Type

This storage space uses sturdy, remodeled ocean-going ship containers that have been divided up by partitions exclusively for storage use by Hello Storage. Arealink has about 37,000 container storage units from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Outdoor Container Type

Outdoor Container Type2

“Storage Buildings” Type Units— Full Buildings Available for Storage Arealink offers full buildings to be used for rental storage space, mainly in urban areas, as part of its Hello Storage services. To raise the brand profile of Hello Storage, the building as a whole features the Hello Storage brand color.

2 x 4 (Two by Four) Trunks

Arealink offers indoor trunk rooms in houses built by the 2 x 4 construction method, mainly in urban areas, as part of its Hello Storage services. The exteriors of the houses as a whole feature the Hello Storage brand color.

The Office Business

In its office business, Arealink offers multiple types of business spaces that allow business operators and entrepreneurs to choose from a wide selection of offices and meeting rooms to suit their individual needs and work styles. The goal of the Company to assist business persons excel.

Conveniently located in prime areas in close proximity to railway stations, Arealink offers rental meeting rooms and small-scale rental offices under such brand names as Hello Rental Meeting Rooms and Hello Office, respectively.

Hello Office (SOHO)

Hello Office is Arealink’s small rental office brand, offering space for offices with one to six persons. These properties help entrepreneurs and others who are opening new offices to restrain costs.

Hello Office

Hello Rental Meeting Rooms

This service is Arealink’s rental meeting room brand. Rates are reasonable, and the rooms are conveniently located in areas near railway and other terminals.

Hello Rental Meeting Rooms

The Asset / Real Estate Sales Businesses

Arealink holds and manages income-generating properties in a long-term perspective..

The Company’s investment strategy is to purchase of high-yield products as well as buildings and condominium complexes situated in prime locations, and then renovate and sell by individual floors and lots.

The Asset / Real Estate Sales Businesses

The Leased Land Business

Arealink’s Hello Limited Property Right and Leased Land business includes settling problems related to such rights that require complicated negotiation with a large number of related parties. By acting as a negotiating agency and/or buying up such land, Arealink assists in the revitalization of land through this business for both landowners and lease holders to reach satisfactory agreements.

The Leased Land Business