Business Model

Realizing High Growth through Being Tops in the Storage Business Niches

Maximize satisfaction of investors(high net worth asset owners and real estate owners)

In the following businesses, we will try to maximize customer satisfaction by using our business with investors such as property owners and real estate owners.

  • Growth business:Self-Storage Business

    Arealink provides proposals, operation/administration, and consulting

  • Follow-up business on investors and real estate owners

    • ・Land rights management business(limited land rights)
    • ・Ownership and administration of income-generating real estate
    • ・Arealink Consulting
  • Core Business:Self-Storage

    Stable cash flow from location openings and management of Hello Storage, the rental storage space with the leading market share in Japan.*

    Source:Yano Research Institute, “Thorough Survey of the Growing Self-Storage Business, 2019 (Nationwide Edition)”